Today there was a blizzard. It started in the morning as a dreary drizzle, then the water began to freeze, and slowly, large, fat fluffs of snow began to swirl through the sky in a crazy dance. 
Today we celebrated the life of one of the most wonderful women I have ever known - my Aunt Becky.  Outside, while we navigated the icy roads to the service, the blizzard was slushy and dangerous and messy, but once we got inside the church, the snow falling outside seemed beautiful, harmless. 
Isn't that just the way life goes? At first, everything that hurts seems dangerous and messy.  It feels like your life is the blizzard and you're driving right through the middle of it without snow tires.  But then, once you get through the worst of it, you can look outside the window and see the beauty of it, even while knowing that just a short while ago it scared the bajeepers out of you.