It's been a while.  I just logged onto my site and the friendly little gator mascot in the corner reminded me my last post was in April.  April... May... June.... I counted in my brain. And now it's July.  That makes three months. Yikes. 

It's funny how time sneaks away from us.  I always think there is going to be more time tomorrow, or next week, but unless I make time for what I intend to do, somehow the day is lost in laundry and Pablo and a coffee with a friend and, suddenly, a sleepy episode of Friends on the couch with the hubby before bed. 

But here I am now and here you are, and how good it is to be back! In the last three months a lot has happened.  My first year of teaching is finished. It ended in a water gun fight with the kids before sending them away on the busses. Yes, my school is awesome.  Pablo has made all sorts of doggy and people friends and has gotten into all sorts of trouble (yesterday he ate a stick of butter).  One of mine and Ethan's best friends got married in a beautiful wedding filled with love last weekend in Otisfield, while in Aroostok County family on my dad's side flooded in to celebrate the life of my amazing Aunt Becky.  And in kitchen news -  I've gotten a renewed love for veggies.