By golly, it's like Christmas morning here in the Braley house! I just tiptoed out of bed, carefully trying to make it to the bathroom without waking the Pablonator. And on my way past the window, so bright and fresh and green and sunshiney I couldn't miss them, were the seedlings I planted last weekend, stretching with great cheer toward the sunlight filtering through.
It was just yesterday that they were only barely popping out of the soil, all sleepy and hesitant. And now, now! There is a luscious miniature garden growing atop our monitor heater. 
It's possible that I went a little overboard with seeds this year. My friend Molly is planting her first garden as a grown-up this year, all by herself, and when she told me about it I obviously wanted to be part of the fun. So, together we drove to Andy's Agway to prepare for the coming of spring. Knowing my over-zealous tendencies, I had written myself a neat little list of the seeds I still had leftover from last year and the seeds that I would need to buy for this year.  When we got to the farm, however, I don't think that list ever left my pocket.  Brussel sprouts! Romas! Cilantro! Beets! Sage! We attacked that seed cart with reckless abandon.  
It was only when it was time to check out that we sobered slightly.  Molly took an honest assessment of her overflowing basket and realized that her garden probably wouldn't have room for all the packets of veggies she had selected.  I looked down at mine and shrugged - I would make room.... somehow. 
We spent the majority of the afternoon on the floor of my living room, sitting on a spread of old newspapers and filling soil into the tiny peat cups we bought and, after those were all used up, whatever we could put soil into.  Rice and cereal boxes, an egg carton, and an old spinach container all got repurposed as mini raised beds. We marveled at how these little flecks of seed could become tomato plants that would be fruit for sauces and salads.  We prayed that they wouldn't be a bust.
And now, only a week later, Molly and I have been sending pictures of tiny sprouts back and forth to one another in awe and amazement. Really, REALLY - have you thought about what a miracle it is that seeds grow into plants? Neither you or I could make that happen. On this Sunday morning, as the birds sing outside and inside Pablo is draped across my lap in leisurely bliss, I can't help but be in wonder of all of God's creation.  
And I can't wait to get those babies in the ground. 

Love well and eat well,



04/25/2016 7:49pm

I love your fresh and open spirit - I hope that never changes. :-)


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